This is a continuation of Ceramics 1. I am starting a new page, distinguishing this semester from the last one. I hope to become a significantly better potter, and all around improve on my ability with this art.
These are my mugs. It was supposed to be a matching set of three, but one of them lost it's bottom (in place of which there is now a lovely hole) so I only glazed these two. I think the firebrick and copperhead mug turned out exellently, and I look forward to seeing the indigo float and mettalic green one after firing.

This is my square vase. I originally produced a far larger square box that I had handles and feet on as well, but I thought that this fit the product discription better. I'm quite pleased with how the shape I carved on the front came out.
This is one of my chalices. I made quite a few, and at least two of them blew up in the kiln. That was awful. But this one survived. I always love the chalices.
This is my ugly mug. Well, mabe it's not quite as ugly as the title implies. We were supposed to place a face on a mug, whatever type of face we pleased. I thought it would add some charecter to the face if I sculpted the overall shape of the face before adding the actual features. I was right.
This is my ugly jug. As you can see, it is unfinished, but I found the idea of a Medusa-style face with a comparitivly normal face on the other half appealing. Unfortunatly, most of the more human hair fell out,as well as its lips, but the snakes stayed. I'm fairly pleased with it. It is kinda scary though.