Ceramics 1

Charan, 2011
This bowl was the second one I ever made on the wheel. Although the edge is a bit uneven, on the whole I am pleased with it. I have already had the pleasure of eating with it. Also, the color combination, coperhead and the remains of what used to be rust red, is fairly plesant.Charan.jpg

Wide Rim Bowl, 2011
My second project on the wheel. I am very pleased with how this turned out, it has an even edge and is great for holding candy, even if it's too small to be of much other service. I can't say the color is perfect, it was supposed to be green and white, not off-white on white, but since it still looks great, I'm okay with it.Widerimbowl.jpg

Shoeprint Mug, 2011
It took me two tries to make this. On the first try I selected clay that was just too dry, causing it to be a) hard to maniputlate and b) fracture as it dried. I was smarter the second time around, and made a point of grabing wet clay. We made them on the table rather then the wheel, rolling out clay and then stepping on it. It does hold water, and I am pleased with the pattern my shoe left

Sculptural Ocarina, 2011
We made two versions of the ocarina in class. One was comparitively plain, looking like the whistle it was, and this was the other result. I created the basic shape, then after it dried a bit, cut it in half and hollowed it out. After putting it back together, I spent a lot of time on the decorations, taking some of the clay from the inside to make the longer wing feathers, and using my needle tool to create the indents for the other feathers. The mouthpeice is the tail. I am a bit dissapointed with the color it turned out, the maker I used was supposed to be light brown, not pink, but on the whole I am pleased with it.

Set of Bowls, 2011- 2012
I made a set of three bowls. Four actually, one is a spare, but unfortunatly, two are currently in the kiln, and none are complete yet. They are a tad small, as is usual, but the shape and decoration of them is nice enough. I plan on making them black with white splotches, but I may yet change my mind. One thing I know, is I need to start making slightly bigger bowls, for actual use in the dining room, but these will certainly work until I do.